“I dunno, he’s pretty strong. Like, a million pounds? Or is that too much? A thousand?”

– a writer who has no sense of scale trying to figure out how strong his super strong character is

It’s when I make comics like this that make me wonder if I’m revealing just how aggressively online I’ve been my entire life. Like, does this even make sense to most of you people? Do the words on this comic mean anything to you? I could’ve gone even more esoteric with the power-scaling language, but I didn’t want to alienate too many of you.

I just feel like every couple of years or so, the new hype show that internet nerds obsess over creates an overpowered character who spawns countless “Who would win?” discussions all over the place. I mean, is it all over the place, or has the algorithm just identified me as a member of the demographic that thinks about stupid shit like this? Though I just kinda lost interest in these discussions somewhere between the time the weakest Dragonball Z character could casually bust a planet and, let’s say, the 2000th “Superman vs Goku” debate – somewhere in that time period.

Anyway, Homelander from The Boys enjoyed a period of, “He’s evil Superman and everyone says he’s invincible,” which shot him up to Superman levels of OP in the online conscious. Then a couple of seasons later, he’s barely breaking concrete walls with his punches and he’s getting physically restrained by a few kinda strong (super strong, granted, just not impressively so) supers – which significantly tanked his value in the powerscaling discourse.

I’m straying too deep into power-scaling talk that I already said I’ve lost interest in a long time ago, so I’ll just stop here.

– James