“Anxiety is just prolonged fear, right? So the most effective scary stories should instill a deep sense of anxiety that sticks with the audience long after the fact.”

– why all my ghost stories have to do with unresolved debt

With Craig the Accountant’s ghost adventures already having four different appearances, I’ll just go ahead and call this whole series, Unfinished Business. Maybe this will just be a Halloween special every year or so, or maybe this will be the last idea I ever have for this premise, but I’m just putting it out there in case someone else comes up with a similar idea and I can point at this and say, “Look, look, I came up with it first!”

Although, knowing how unique most people actually are (or aren’t, rather), I’m sure someone will inevitably point to some random short story anthology from decades ago that’s already done this idea before me.

On another note, I just looked at my original Unfinished Business comic and did not realize I already did the “afterlife is another form of life” insurance loophole in the quotation at the bottom of that page. Let’s just call that very clever foreshadowing.

– James