“While the gods play [Fantasy Chess], demons play [Fantasy Scrabble].”

– translation of a common saying

The creation of Ak’Ch’Lee actually presented me with somewhat of an issue. The comic I introduced her in also happened to be the moment I thought, “you know, I like these characters. Maybe I should make this into an entire series.” But immediately after that thought came, “Oh wait, I just made a comic about how I hate the ‘little dragon girl is actually an adult’ archetype, while also establishing that one of those characters is a prominent member of my main character’s party.”

So I kinda wasn’t sure what to do with Ak or what her dynamic would be with the rest of the guild. I did kinda give myself an opportunity to just kill her off and ignore I ever made her, but that felt a bit mean-spirited. Instead, I kinda just gave her non-speaking roles in the background doing some sort of visual gag. But since these past few weeks have been spent reacquainting ourselves with the main guild members, I figured it was time I reestablish what Ak’s role actually was here.

So, in regards to this character being “a 500 year old who looks like a 5 year old,” I decided I would shift the focus from the “looks 5 years old” part to the “being 500 years old” part. So if Pallo is the “big brother” of the team, Ak is the “fun aunt,” which I decided means she enjoys taking advantage of her younger friends’ ignorance and trolls them with ridiculous stories. She also has 500 years of questing experience, so she knows just enough about real history to make her lies that much more believable.

– James