“Special Precautions when attempting to detain Kenshi the Swordtaker: while the Swordtaker prefers one-on-one combat, this by no means suggests he is at a disadvantage against multiple assailants. On the contrary, it appears the Swordtaker has mastered the art of dispatching large numbers of warriors at once with much less effort than if he had faced them individually. If a troop is ever in confrontation with the Swordtaker, it is recommended that each fighter challenge him one-by-one as opposed to attempting to overwhelm him through sheer numbers.”

-Confessor Dossier on Kenshi the Swordtaker

As a member of the Free Merchants Alliance, the city of Nexton is technically not beholden to the authority of any singular religion or monarchy. However, the Confessors of Truth, due in part to their vast resources and influence, have been granted “Prestige Private Policing Privileges” to operate as an authorized investigative body within city limits.

So long as their investigations do not extend to Nexton citizens subscribed to the “Premium Plus Pals of the Police” service, of course.

– James