“Oh yes, I’ve met all sorts of great adventurers back then. The Greatest Archer in the world, who could pin a fly by its wings from 200 yards away! The Greatest Beast Tamer, who could quell the rage of even the fiercest chimera! But who says adventuring is the only way for me to meet such people? Perhaps I’ve already met the next Greatest So-and-so picking up provisions at this very shop? Perhaps, even, that person is sitting here, right now, in this very room?”

– Sterling Sellars, during storytime at Byer’s and Sellar’s, with one Feitr Sordsmann in attendance

Florin thinks it’s bad enough The Baron’s been hiring outsiders like that Tiger fella for muscle, and that crooked Red Knight’s come in to teach folks about fancy sword-swingin’ and horsin’ around – but he conveniently overlooks the fact that opening a general goods shop is usually the first step towards a small rural town becoming questified.

– James