“No, it’s not sarcastic, I actually am happy about your grades, but it’s like, ironically ironic? Like, I’m genuinely proud of you, but it’s ironic how much I’m expressing how proud I am of you, because it would be cringe if I just straight up said, ‘I’m proud of you?’ Cringe? Oh, it’s, uh… just… something we used to say back then…”

– proud father of an honors student

Honestly, I’m quite ambivalent with how this comic turned out. Like, I’m trying to portray modern shitpost humor as eventually becoming lame and outdated in a few decades, but I genuinely believe it would be hilarious for future parents to share these kinds of shitposts with their kids, just to see their baffled response to it.

In fact, I’m starting to think I might actually do this exact same thing to my own child if I ever have one in the future. Oh god, is this how our parents felt when they realized pronouncing “Pokémon” as “Pokey-man” made us really mad?

– James