“Maybe if I quote enough Shakespeare at them, they’ll stop trying to make me feel bad.”

– Me, reading classical literature to avoid judgment from people who might think I spend too much time on the internet

I really find it tiring when people say things like “no one knows how to be introspective anymore” and then ascribe the root of the problem to whatever the newest form of entertainment/technology is. And no matter how many times you quote Aprocryphal Socrates (“the children now love luxury, have bad manners, etc.”) people keep insisting lack of introspection is a modern thing. Here’s my hot take: people overall have never and will never care to put effort into examining their own thoughts. We’ve never had entire societies full of philosophers, that’s why every philosopher throughout history has had most people look at them and say “What a pretentious asshole.”

Oh man, how many of these things are me being annoyed at how everyone’s annoyed at everything?

– James