“Look, if I even entertain the idea of verifying whether or not this guy might be a Nazi, all it does is validate the strategy of calling people Nazis just because they do something somewhat related to being a Nazi.”

– Red Hoodie

We’re all familiar with Godwin’s Law at this point, yes? The old internet adage that’s since been erroneously paraphrased as, “Ah ha! You brought up the Nazis first, you lose!” But in case anyone here still considers Nazi comparisons to be an instant lose condition, I just want to bring up that Mike Godwin himself finds it quite appropriate to compare certain modern figures to Nazis.

And on that note, I’m not even sure if it’s worth going into detail on the fact that Trump has regularly, and historically, hung out with white supremacists. Luckily, I have that article linked to go into detail for me. But it just feels like everyone who cares already knows and has already decided on whether or not white supremacy is worth lower taxes for the wealthy, or whatever the hell they think Trump will give them.

And then there’s people like Red Hoodie in my comic here: “I mean, I haven’t seen him be a Nazi right in front of me! No, I won’t look into it, I need you to bring me incontrovertible evidence that Donald Trump was a card-carrying member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party between the years of 1920 and 1945! Oh, you mean he’s not literally a member of the Nazi Party? Just someone who’s expressed similar ideologies and sympathies with the Nazi Party? Wow, moving goal posts much? Besides, I haven’t seen him be a white supremacist right in front of me! No, I won’t look into it…”

– James