“Grr, I’d stab her in the face, but she just makes me so mad I can’t use my weapons properly!”

– The armies of man against Asteria

There’s a lot of jokes to make about Wonder Woman 1984 and I couldn’t choose just one, so I took a page out of Kate Beaton’s book and just did them in bulk. Didn’t want to color all that though.

So I actually enjoyed WW84 a lot, which I think can only be explained by the fact that I watched it on Christmas day, when I would otherwise be spending the entire day watching Christmas specials. As such, I was already in the mood to enjoy something incredibly cheesy, overly sentimental, and unable to stand up to logical scrutiny. And that made me realize, with a few minor tweaks to the script, WW84 could have easily been rewritten as a pretty good Christmas movie (by the standards of the genre). Max Lord’s entire story is already 99% there – a father who cares more about work than his own son and thinks happiness can be granted through material things, but really he just needs to learn about familial love. Add a few Christmas trees and change the July 4th fireworks to Christmas fireworks and WW84 immediately benefits from the grade curve we give every Christmas film.

– James