“What’s with all these full grown adults getting so mad at literal children? They’re just kids, of course they- hold on, zoomers are how old now?”

– Me, who is still used to “Millenial” being synonymous with “barely an adult”

“Older generation is unfairly critical of the younger generation,” is one of the oldest tropes in history. For as long as older people interacted with younger people, we’ve had stories teaching this lesson. I’ve known this all my life and have come to the obvious conclusion that the reason it keeps coming up is because people never remember that lesson once they become that older generation.

And yet I still had the expectation, “when we grow up, my generation will remember how unfairly judgmental our predecessors were to us and be more understanding of the youth.” Chalk this up as another “thing I fully expected and should not have been surprised by, but still, inexplicably, find myself surprised by.”

– James