“Kettos isn’t helping their case by being so angry about being purged all the time.”

– A concerned Athenian citizen who just wants a return to civil debate


Zeno of Elea was an ancient Greek philosopher famous for his paradoxes, one of which was Zeno’s Paradox of Motion: if Achilles were to race a tortoise that was granted a 100 meter headstart, he must first cover half that distance to catch up, but from that distance Achilles would need to cover half the remaining distance, and so on and so forth – since distance can be halved infinitely, theoretically Achilles would never reach the tortoise, no less overtake it. Zeno was kind of a fucker.

Centrism is the political philosophy that the ideal position to fall on in the political spectrum would be in the center of two opposing ideologies. Centrists are also kind of fuckers.

– James